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My name is Dr. Timothy C. Pringle, CEO and founder of CORE Vascular Services.
CORE represents:
C: Comprehensive vascular testing/cosmetic vein care
O: Open
R: Revascularization
E: Endovascular services


We specialize in using an endovascular/minimally invasive approach to treating venous disease and opening blocked vessels, reserving surgery for those patients who fail endovascular treatment.


Our philosophy is “interventions improve quality of life but lifestyle change improves lifespan”,  At CORE Vascular Services. our goal is to address the acute situation and teach our patients preventive measures to maintain long term wellness.


Our surveillance studies are done on all patients through our vascular lab and are aimed at detecting recurrent disease early allowing more simple means of correcting the problem and decreasing the need for open surgery.


To provide healthcare that is pleasing to God and beneficial to those who are suffering. We understand that complete healing comes from above and embrace his wisdom and guidance in our decision making.

We are pleased that you have chosen CORE Vascular Services for your health care and we look forward to serving you.

Dr. Timothy C. Pringle

Dr. Pringle has been featured in several articles which are listed below.

“Endovascular surgeons are vascular surgeons who have the ability to treat patients with either an open surgical procedure, such as a bypass or an endovascular procedure, such as stent, to customize the treatment of the patient.”
-Dr. Pringle

This is a huge advantage, especially for patients whose weak health poses significant risks for traditional open surgery.

He notes that vascular procedures of any type are only palliative and require monitoring; this is where his comprehensive vision sets him apart. He advocates a holistic approach to the management of the vascular patient.”[Surgical] interventions improve the quality of life, but lifestyle change improves lifespan,” added Dr. Pringle. His practice offers a nutritional program to help with prevention of recurrence and to educate patients about living a full, healthy life.

“[Surgical] interventions improve the quality of life, but lifestyle change improves lifespan”
-Dr. Pringle

Additional article (below) of Dr. Pringle has been featured in Baylor Systems

A Holistic Philosophy of Vascular Care

Timothy Pringle, M.D., an endovascular surgeon on the medical staff at Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton, advocates a holistic approach to addressing all aspects of vascular disease.

“Vascular disease will progress unless patients stop smoking, follow a healthy diet, and control high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes,” he says. “Interventions improve quality of life, but lifestyle change improves life span.”

Dr. Pringle encourages vascular disease patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle and schedules ongoing follow-up care to catch any new problems early.

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